To create art for children is to have a direct voice in guiding the world into the future. Children grow up fast, become voting citizens and create lives of their own. Being an artist in our culture is, just in itself, a great response to authoritarianism and tribal thinking. Seeing art everyday in books and coming from people around them encourages children to live autonomously and creatively. That, along with being a team player, makes a whole child.

Being a successfull freelancer has allowed me to chart my own course. I've lived in my country studio on a river in the woods for a large part of my career and learned to live well, right in the wild outdoors. I've meditated and studied zen for decades. I've raised a couple of lovely kids, and play jazz piano. Sometimes in complete free fall. I make art with pastels. I ice skate. I love every kind of beauty. Like everyone else, I am happiest when I am doing some good for the rest of the world.



All art copyright Elizabeth Allen